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Welcome to Church Vestments Worldwide

We are UK Based worldwide supplier of Chasubles, and Priest Stoles to the Church and clergy, all for sale in a secure online shop


Are you asking yourself where the best place to buy Church Vestments, Clergy stoles for ordination, chasuble sets and Church Banners from is?


We specialize in Ordination Stoles, view our wide range of stoles for Ordination in following this link Stoles. If you can't see what you are looking for contact us today.


We supply high quality beautifully designed Deacon, Preaching and Priest stoles to the clergy. Choose from a huge range of collections for every liturgical season. Supplied in various lengths colours and styles in unique stunning designs.


All Church Vestments are designed and handmade by Elizabeth Lawson. Her designs are eye-catching, unique and all specially handmade.


Chasubles can be made as part of set with a stole, with the design being incorporated onto both the chasuble and stole.


Church Banners can be designed for any occasion and for any liturgical season. View all our our designs or request a custom Church Banner design though the custom design page.


Designer Elizabeth Lawson has designed hundreds of made to order uniquely designed Vestments. Stoles may incorporate visual elements that a unique to a Priests religous journey. Or simply be the logo for their Church.  A Stole makes the ideal ordination gift for a new Priest.


If you can’t see exactly what you are looking for in our collection please get in touch. As everything is made to order we can make the design unique to you.


Church Vestments Worldwide, the best place to buy Clergy Deacon, Preaching and Priest stoles from!

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